At Sunday Riley we are committed to transparency in our products and in our processes.


We occasionally gift influencers with existing and/or new products.  We ask that all individuals who choose to post a review or support on their social media channels disclose that they received the product(s) compliments of the Sunday Riley team.


When we work with an influencer on a paid capacity, any social media posts including but not limited to Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and blog posts, will be accompanied with #ad and/or #sponsored. 


Employees at Sunday Riley are required to review and sign a Social Media and Product Review Policy upon hiring and [annually] thereafter. Currently, all Sunday Riley employees must include #teamsunday when posting a Sunday Riley product(s) review or news on any of their own social media channels.Existing employees are instructed to not post a review on any competitors’ product(s). Violators are advised to immediately rectify. Those who do not abide by the company’s social media and product review policies risk immediate termination.

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