The Globetrotter’s Handbook
The Globetrotter’s HandbookThe Globetrotter’s HandbookThe Globetrotter’s HandbookThe Globetrotter’s Handbook

Meet the first editorial publication from The Sunday EditThe Globetrotter’s Handbook. This limited-edition item will help you plan your next vacation from start to finish. Inside the pages you will find morning routines for red eye flights, how to pack your beauty bag, a make your own travel bucket list, a beauty black book for top destinations (think: Paris and New York), and more! Also included are postcards designed by Derek Desierto, the cover illustrator. This is a must-have going into summer!


Didn’t have a chance to snag a Travel Box? Grab The Globetrotter’s Handbook today — and get exploring!


"It has a ton of great travel tips, spotlights on beauty spots in some major cities, a travel agenda, space to journal, photo tips, and even some postcards that you can pop out and mail! The whole book (which is well-designed and quality printed) was written by The Sunday Edit writers who sound like they know a thing or two about travel. ”

Arial shot of beach shore, a person is surfing. Evgeniya Savina/Stocksy

In her 1980 book, Allure, Diana Vreeland says, “the eye has to travel.” She was referring to the way we read books, the way we take in photos, and the exact manner in which we find inspiration, even in the tiniest things. At The Sunday Edit, we took Vreeland’s words and manifested them into a personalized travel handbook. Because while the eye has to travel, so does the soul.

If we could jump on a plane...
If we could jump on a plane... (animated GIF of flying airplane)
Greece. Mykonos. Milles Studio/Stocksy

There is nothing better than island-hopping in Greece! Mykonos is my favorite. Take a dip in the crystal blue waters and enjoy a full-onGreek feast. Drew CarlosEDITOR

Moscow, Russia. Onion top castle. Ratnakorn Piyasirisorost/Getty Images

Moscow is my favorite since moving to Houston — it is great to be a tourist in your hometown and spend time with old friends! Kate Danilova, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR

Beach shore with penguins. Seth Mourra/Stocksy

Cape Town, South Africa! They had everything; beaches, mountains, deserts! It is a paradise. Iman BalagamJUNIOR WRITER





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